Experienced instruction for all levels

Due to the Covid-19 situation we are unable to offer horse trekking at this time.

The OVEC Riding School operates Tuesday - Sunday.

Call us on (04) 477-3888.


There is limited spaces available weekends, after school and evenings.


Which one is you?


  • Do you want to learn to ride

  • Do you know how to ride, but want to develop more advanced riding skills, or learn a new skill (eg how to jump)? 

  • Did you used to ride, but have lost your confidence - or think you might have forgotten how?!

If so, come and check out our riding school.


Karen has been teaching in Ohariu Valley for over 30 years and has a wealth of experience of teaching people to ride, either on their own horses or with the help of her team of experienced four-legged assistant teachers.


She teaches riders of all ages and all levels - from absolute beginners to competition level.  Our youngest rider is 3, and our oldest probably 60+ (although we’ve never asked!)


Some of our riders go on to buy their own horse or compete.  For others it’s more about the challenge of developing their riding skills, or simply being around horses and riding for pleasure.


Whatever your interest or goal, if you want to learn to ride or improve your riding skills, give Karen a call.


Karen Adgo - BHSII, BHSAI, BHSI (Stable Manager)